AGIS Comprehensive Atlas: This atlas combines agricultural-, orientation- & demographic information as well as scanned maps & satellite images including the first SPOT 5 high resolution data of South Africa.

Orientation Atlas: The new look orientation atlas provide basic orientation information. This includes SPOT 10m images, topo-cadastral images, administrative and cadastral boundaries, agricultural and general infrastructure and topography.

 -  Agro-climate atlas
 -  Orientation atlas
 -  Natural resources
 -  Natural resources atlas
 -  Demography atlas
 -  FIVIMS 2006 atlas
 -  Agric Infrastructure atlas

 -  Agricultural statistics
 -  Climate advisories
 -  Economic advisories
 -  Migratory pest reports
 -  Veld Info's
 -  Umlindi reports
 -  Plant protection news

SADC Atlas :  Atlas showing administrative and cadastral data for the SADC region. Layers include: Gridded Population of the World and Global Rural-Urban mapping project data, Administrative Units, Population, Cities, Major Rivers and Lakes.  Open  . . .
Agro-Climate Information System: Long-term as well as near real time agro-climatic information derived from satellite and weather station data.   Open  . . .
Act 70 of 1970:  A map indicating demarcated agricultural land in South Africa that resides under the jurisdiction of Act 70 of 1970 and upheld by the judgement of the Constitutional Court, Case CCT78/07 25 July 2008 in now available in the AGIS Comprehensive Atlas, residing under the Layer list category "Landcover and Landuse" in the Group "Landuse".   More  . . .
Weeds and Invasive Plants:  Information currently available in the WIP website includes distribution maps, species descriptions, species photos & ID expert. There is the option to view species distributions in relation to climate, soil types, vegetation (biomes, & Acocks Veld Types), land use & other variables. The site also includes a new template for entering localities of invasive alien plants online.  Open  . . .
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